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Best Facebook Slots: Top Games on

facebook slotsSlot games are a matter of chance- there is no skill involved, and its about as pure entertainment as you can get when playing any casino game. So why do people play free slots on Facebook with no money involved? Add the money element, and we can all understand the adrenaline buzz you get if you get a “kerching, kerching, kerching” moment. But when you take that element away? What’s the appeal?
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Well, there is a social aspect to this. We don’t think it is going to be long before most of the slots games on Facebook are real play anyway (they need to start making some money for their long suffering shareholders somehow). It’s a question of time.
One of the more successful online formats for slots casinos has been the slot tournament format. In slots tourneys, you do not play for real money per se, but try and head up a leader board by racking up as big a virtual bankroll as possible. You play against other punters, and the top positions pay out prizes.

This is pretty close to the social Facebook model.

Free play slots have always been pretty popular, even at real play casinos. They give you a chance to test out the games with no risk. They are easy fun, and a good way of unwinding- by getting your brain into neutral for a while. Add the social aspect of sharing with other players, and you can start to see the appeal of these games.

The Best Facebook Slots
If we look at the list of the best Facebook slots or Facebook slots apps, it’s a list that getting longer by the day. Examples include:

So, in answer to the question: “Why Do People Play Facebook Slots When There is No Money Involved”, we’d say “Why Wouldn’t They”? There’s zero risk, it’s a way of meeting people and it’s a great way of winding down.