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Mobile Slots

We are fully optimised for mobiles and tablets- an area of huge growth for online slots. You’ll find the very best games and mobile casinos for players on iPads, iPhones, Android phones and tablets and Windows mobile devices.

Best Mobile Slots


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The Growth of Mobile Slots

mobile slotsOf course some of the biggest news, as far as online slots are concerned, is the growth of mobile slots. This is an area that the fortune tellers have been predicting is going to be big for a long time. But that was back when we all had BIG Nokia smartless phones with black and grey screens, long aerials and everyone was shouting: “HELLOO! YES! Whaaaat? WAP?!”

Since Smartphones and tablets arrived, and Apple and Android started taking over, mobile casino sites have come of age. And they are here with a vengeance. When you throw in tablets like the new iPad and the newest Google Nexus tablets that run on Android (these devices are growing even faster in this area), and you have a big transition going on. The games are now excellent, as we have arrived at the tipping point where more and more of us have fast connections, high screen resolutions and blisteringly fast processors on their phones. Remember when they sent men to the moon on Apollo 11 with around 2k of computing power?

But here’s the thing. Not all online casinos have been quick to get on the bandwagon and are falling behind in offering Android, Windows and iPhone Slots for their players. Some casinos, on the other hand, are leading the pack especially in the slots department, and it’s these casinos that we are going to shine a light on in our “Outstanding Mobile Slots Awards”, with games for Android, iOS and Windows (the main operating systems, we are hoping Mozilla takes its rightful place at some point, and we are hoping Windows survives for competition’s sake).

What Makes a Good Mobile Slots Site?

So what makes a good casino great for mobile slots? Well, here are some things we look for:

– The site recognises your phone when you navigate to it (responsive design) so you get the best possible experience no matter what screen size you are on. So the casino and the games sit nicely in your screen. That goes for tablets too if you happen to be playing Android Slots on the sofa on your Nexus 7 or games on your iPad 2.
– You can get to the desktop site easily if you want to.
– The games selection is wide and all the big progressive jackpots are available to play on your phone. You still won’t see the choice of games you’d see on a desktop, but more and more top games like Thunderstruck II are making their way over to the small screen, as well as classics like Agent Jane Blonde and even the big progressive jackpot slots like Mega Moolah.
– You can sign up easily on a small keypad with big fingers.
– The mobile casino is only really a different platform for you. You should be able to play games with the same user ID on your smartphone, your tablet, your laptop or your desktop.
– If you do lose signal, there is a way in which the casino ensures you don’t lose out on your bet, either by declaring it null and void and reimbursing you, or pausing it and continuing at the exact same point as you left (this only really applies if you are out and about and is becoming rarer and rarer. Many people play through wifi on their phones anyway).

See above for our recommendations on the very best casinos for playing slots on your mobile or tablet.