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iPhone Slots

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iPhone Slots

The iconic mobile device just gets better and better. If you think the phone's good, just wait until you see the slot games for it!

Do you remember the Motorola Brick Casino? Well, you are showing your age if you do. These beasts weren’t much good for calling people, let alone playing games on. You could do some damage with one though. Well, how things have changed. Following the Smartphone Revolution, people are now carrying around what amounts to mini computers in their pockets. And the leader of the pack?
Well, some would argue that Google Android phones have caught up, but in terms of sheer market share, it’s still all about the Apple iPhone. And now we have the iPhone 6 and the handy bendy iPhone 6 Plus of course.

And one of the biggest winners of all this has been in the field of games- and that includes casino games. iPhone Casinos now have a range of slots and table games that are fun to play, have great graphics and offer up many of the big jackpots that you’ll see on your desktop. So play slots on your Android all you like- you’ll still come second best when it comes to the games for now- all the developers focus first on iOS, the Apple operating system.

AllSlots Casino is a mobile leader
So if you want to play Tomb Raider Slots, Mermaids Millions, roulette or blackjack, you can now do it on the bus. But not all casinos are geared up to players with iPhones. We list the best ones below, for playing games on your favorite Cupertino device (well, designed there anyway. Made in China of course).