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Fruit Warp

Fruit Warp

Thunderkick’s Fruit Warp video slot featuring Fruit Modes with Respins, triggered by 5 or more symbols of the same kind. Up to 15 bet levels and RTP of 97%.

fruit warp slotThunderkick’s Fruit Warp slot is so far out and exciting that I felt I might have had a mind warp!

This is a game that has been designed by those clever people at Thunderkick to literally re-think how we have all been playing slots until now.

As soon as I came across this slot, I felt I had been transported to a parallel but very welcome universe of slot play.

Here all the conventions – like frame reels, Scatters, Wilds, and paylines – go out of the window. Instead, you are presented with a screen full of a range of exotic fruit (points for spotting the Dragon and Star fruit and those cheeky Custard Apples)!

Not only are the fruit a massive departure from a fruity game of old but here in the land of Fruit Warp, those delicious delectables, float in random patterns against a background of a shifting green whirling pattern of colour. All you have to do is set those puppies spinning for the fun to begin.

A word on appearance- this game is crazy different (in a good way) but it also looks amazing too- the graphics are top class with the fruit on show good enough to make your mouth water!

Game play

You are literally in a time warp with fruit. To start making that vegetable matter work for you, you need to attract 3 or more of the same fruit icon. There are 9 juicy fruits to get on the reels from the modest plum right through to the show-stopping Dragon Fruit.

If you can secure 4 of the same fruit you can literally warp time (or fruit at least) and gain a re-spin of the other fruit. This is known as a Portal Re-spin (of course) and you’ll see the fruit literally whirling in a white swirl to become another piece of fruit. What a way to make a smoothie!

If you really are a lucky dude/ette then you might get 5 of the same fruit and you can become the winner of a Fruit Mode. This is where the Warping starts to earn you big bucks. A crazy Warp Meter turns up at this point and starts multiplying wins and giving you extra spins- YES!

While you’re in the Fruit Mode, if more of the same fruit that triggered the mode show up, then you get an extra spin (unless your Warp Meter is full!!!!!)- just too fun.

As you progress through Fruit Warp, apart from re-scrambling your brain, it also awards progressive multipliers- nice feature. Watch out for the heart icon which denotes a free go.


Fruit Warp is a total blast. It looks amazing and it re-routed my slot play technique, possibly permanently. Will any slot ever been the same again after this complete game changer?

This is a great way to refresh your slot play if you’re feeling a little stale, and frankly way too much fun to miss.

I can’t think of a better way to load up on all those fruity vitamins.