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Well of Wonders

Well of Wonders

Well of Wonders SlotThe Well of Wonders lives up to its name as a mysterious slot that offers unconventional play. Up-front confession- I love slots that have a magical element and if, like me, you think that ordinary life can only be improved with a sparkle of the uncanny, then welcome to Thunderkick’s Well of Wonders slot!

The game’s graphics had me from the get-go with its super crisp high-quality look inspired from Fruit Warp, and the super chilled meditative magical music transported me to the land of the fairies. I was tempted to break out my yoga mat!

Here we are cosied up in wondrous woodland, the frameless symbols are set above the all –important rune covered magical well, with numbered stones, which indicate multipliers, lying on the ground around it.

This game enjoys wrong-footing its players, there are no reels or rows and some of those usual conventions of play are gone – and it’s very refreshing!

Game play

7 massive fairy jewels gently float above the Well of Wonders, each time you press spin a new selection of these sparklers pop out of the well and rotate forming patterns. This is a real departure from more traditional games like Bar Bar Black Sheep – it makes a nice change!

Each of the different coloured gems has a different value, depending how many of them you can lure out of the well. If you get 3 of the same gems then you have a win on your hands.

There is a Wild symbol, a glowing rune stone, which substitutes for all other symbols. There is also the most important of all, the Fairy. A magical glowing outline of this special creature appears in the game, so she’s one to keep your eyes open for.
A quick word on those multipliers, this game does have a very attractive feature for those of you who like big numbers- there is a multiplier of up to x32 so keep your eyes on the big prize!

Getting me spinning!

What’s great about the Well of Wonders slot is the re-spins. When you get your 3 of a kind gems out of that well, then you get a re-spin- which means the winning gems change again to produce more new combos. Each time you re-spin, the multiplier goes up- now that put my head in a spin!

Fairy feature fun

At any time that special little fairy can turn up, and when she does, she makes some serious changes to the rules of the game. She removes the win but brings other gifts with her, including bigger multipliers, adding re-spins, and she even takes out single symbols to give you new ones- she’s one welcome little helper!


I earned my fairy wings in Well of Wonders enjoying the creatively different game play compared to more standard looking fare like Top Trumps Celebs and the Gladiator slot. The game looks super good and I genuinely found myself relaxed and transported by those musical fairy vibes. This game is a winner for anyone who likes the charms of a more mystical world, or enjoys an alternative slot. The graphics and soothing play make it an enjoyable game, whether you believe in fairies or not!