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Turning Totems

Turning Totems

turning totems slotThunderkick’s Turning Totems slot transports the player to those dusty ole’ cowboy bad-lands- but this is a game themed by the other side of the story- we’re here to make a claim on some big bucks in the company of our Native American friends.

Turning Totems is a good lookin’ game using some traditional methods to make a world of wonga while fending off the rattlesnakes in the parched desert of course! It’s as easy on the eye as Finn and the Swirly Spin and that’s saying something.

Look and feel

The setting of play is a slightly child-like looking animated world of the great Wild West, with the reels fixed between rocky outcrops. The graphics on this game are a massive step up from more traditional games like the Redroo slot and Tomb Raider. It’s slick!

Here there’s a Native American watching game-play surrounded by cacti and the skulls of desiccated cows! What a spot for a bit of relaxing slot play! The graphics of this game are top notch as we’ve all come to expect from Thunderkick’s slots.

Centre of the screen are five free standing totem poles. Those traditional Native American statues are decorated with the heads of gods and other characters from ancient stories. These five posts each also represent a reel of slot play. Instead of spinning reels, these totems each made up of three heads (rows in a usual slot game) which spin sideways rather than up and down as you’ll see in more traditional games like the Bounty Hunt slot machine and Tomb Raider – as most slot players understandably have come to expect. On top of each totem pole is a carved bird.

The soundtrack of play is the chilled musical sounds of electronic shakers and plinky plonky effects which are supposed to transport us to the music of the Wild West’s first people.


Turning Totems is a 3 row, 5 reels and 11 pay-lines slot game which pays right to left, and left to right for more ways to make a mint.

Here the high value icons are the different wooden faces carved onto the totem poles in a traditional style. There is a yellow face sticking its tongue out, there’s a red face with big eyes, a pink face with gappy teeth and a grin, a green and yellow face with round cheeks, and a blue face with pouty lips.

There’s also a new icon, a Thunder Snake, watch out for this as it’s key to the bonus feature. When this pops up this snaky character appears on the reels randomly and it turns the pole into a Thunder Reel for the duration of that spin. This magic is underway when the bird on top of the totem flies off the pole turning the totem sparkly.

The game’s Wild is rather special and is basically the face of a sleeping bird- a sleeping Wild but this all changes when this icon ends up on a reel (totem pole) where a Thunder Snake symbol appears. When the sleeping Wild finds itself on a reel with a Thunder Snake that dozing Wild wakes up and acts as a standard Wild but also awards an all-important free spin- yeehar!

The bonus game is triggered by getting three of the totem poles to turn into sparkly Thunder Reels at the same time. Once you’re in this mode you get an all-important five free spins – now that’s more like it!
For a more laid back approach to game play just flick on the Auto play function and let those crazy totem poles turn themselves all the way to the bank! Simply pick, using an easy to grab button at the bottom right of the screen, how many spins you’re happy to watch roll by in this mode.


Once again Thunderkick have come up with a fine looking and super fun slot game with a flair for being different. This game’s colourful graphics and buzzy vibe makes for a fun way to while away some chilled time with bonus features that have a “totemly” different appeal. You’ll be back for more!