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Wish Upon a Jackpot

Wish Upon a Jackpot

Blueprint Gaming’s Wish Upon a Jackpot is a cracker of a slot game. This game was designed by the people behind the Blazing Goddess slot and it’s designed to transport the player all the way back to the those heady childhood days of fairy tales and magical wonder. This bright and breezy slot has created the ultimate mash up of all those stories full of crazy characters, happy-go-lucky chances, fairy tale frog princes and pretty much everything your imagination can think of!

Personally, I like a nostalgic foray into the past and this comes with all the digital big guns extras of amazing graphics and super creative bonuses, which definitely weren’t part of that world of yesteryear.

Look and Feel

This is a slot that has a lot to feel good about, not least because it has dreamy graphics which really look more big screen, than slot. The music is all ethereal like the Flux slot and then they’ve thrown in a few legends to mix it up a bit. The player enters a faraway world of wonder and a whole lotta’ work has gone into making this game look good enough to escape into! The game is full of colour and detail and is simply great to play and explore the world that Blueprint Gaming has managed to create.

So how does this slot sound? Well pretty darn good is the answer. Not only does this game look like a cinematic film release, but it sounds like one too, with its dramatic twists, turns and soaring melody to get you in the mood for a big fairy tale win!

Game play

Once Upon a Jackpot is a 3 row, 5 reel and 20 pay-lines slot.

The background to the reels is an idyllic glade and the reels themselves are set with charming story tale scrolling and with a surprising looking Fairy Godmother (more like a man in drag!), watching the action unfold from the top of the frame. It’s all toon based like the Castle Builder 2 slot just a little bit on the “cuter” side.

The high value icons are literally lifted from those story books of old, with a magical golden harp, a shimmering glass slipper and a picture-perfect princess’s castle. The lower value icons are the Ace through 10 of the card deck.
The Wild is a charming crown frog sitting on a lily pad (we all know that one don’t we!) and the Bonus Scatter is the cover of an old dusty story book.

Go Bonus Crazy!

This is a game that has so many extras that your head could be in a very pleasurable spin. The world of Wish Upon a Jackpot’s bonuses are unlocked by landing three or more of the Scatters anywhere on the reels. This happy event, gives the player the chance to click one of the Scatters which will take the player to one of four different story-themed adventures.

That long-haired beauty, Rapunzel, offers Free Spins in a lucrative bonus adventure where Rapunzel herself oversees the action from her tower on the right of the reels. Simply land and keep landing the special Prince Charming icon on reel five and unlock some real treasure!

Her Prince Charming gradually climbs the tower (when you land his symbol), and each time he climbs he reaches a new multiplier level, which means more bucks for you! You should be offered unlimited free spins which means you’ll be able to get that lad all the way to the top of the tower, and earn a crowning x5 multiplier. I found this bonus game easy to play and lucrative side adventure.

If you’re a bit peckish you might select The Three Little Pigs Free Spins, here the arrival of these porcine pals make positions turn Wild. But watch out…just like all fairy tales, there’s a big bad wolf who can turn up chasing the trio away and ending their effect! Now that’s one way to bring home the bacon!

Jack and the Beanstalk will give you the chance to arrive at Jack’s house and make a choice from a selection of magic beans which you click to advance up the bean stalk. If you reveal “Collect” then the adventure is over, but if you can get to the Golden Goose then you can pick from her shiny eggs to reveal cash prizes. Now that’s magic!

Our tricky friend Rumpelstiltskin has a hilarious Deal Maker bonus to offer, where he offers you a “contract” with a cash amount which you can either leave or take. If you’re feeling brave you can refuse his offers, right until his 5th,which you have to accept- he can be a generous little creature if you’re willing to try your luck with him.

Wish fulfilment?

This game comes with an unlikely looking hero, a slightly masculine fairy godmother who can bestow her generosity, and on any spin randomly give one of her/his (!) special bonuses.

These come in the form of red orbs of magic, choose one and it will reveal four different story-themed extras: Pinocchio Wilds (any symbol can be turned into a Wild), Wild Reels (a whole reel turns Wild), If you’re “feline” lucky you could end up with the Puss in Wilds (that crazy cat jumps out of the icon to leap onto a neighbouring reel and turn another symbol Wild), a surprise game from the bonus games on offer above and, Fairy Win Spin- basically you’re given a cash prize.


If you love your slots stacked with a world of bonuses and fun extras then Wish Upon a Jackpot could be just the number for you, its shiny, alluring good looks make this a slot well worth a trip to story land.