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Mr Cashback

Mr Cashback Online Slot

mr cash back slotThe Best Casinos For the Mr Cash Back Slot

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Here it is! In Mr Cashback (a Playtech slot game), if an active payline doesn’t win for 50 spins, you win 50x the money bet on that line. A different spin on the traditional slot game, eh? It’s certainly unique. The graphics may be a bit cheesy, but I guess that’s the theme- Mr Cashback is basically a cheesy 1950s car dealer type.

Play the Mr Cashback Slot with zero risk below- you get a virtual bankroll. (Tip: ammend the coin size to the minimum (1 penny, $0.01) if you want a longer test run).
Press F11 for FULL Screen

The Mr Cashback Slot Run Down

The Mr. Cashback feature is quite an innovative game funcion that counts the consecutive dry spins (no win) for each payline, for each bet per line used to play on that line, and if an active payline doesn’t win for 50 spins, you win 50x the money bet on that line. That’s Mr Cashback’s job!

When you get a Cashback win, Mr.Cashback appears with your money, and lights up the line that set off the win.
As you play, the Cashback status for each line will be shown in a circular frame. A green circle means that there are 50 more spins to go. A yellow, orange, or red line means that you are building up non-wins for that line. A full circle means you have hit the 50 and Cashback is coming your way.

Hovering your mouse over one of the lines, and you’ll see a small popup, that shows the number of spins left for a Cashback win.

Oh, we almost forgot- if you land 5 Mr Cashbacks, you get 7500x your line bet.
This is not an eye candy type of slot (Playtech has plenty of those- try the Iron Man II Slot or the other Marvel Slot in their action series: The Incredible Hulk Slot). But it is an interesting twist on the standard slot game format.

Look out for Wild symbols, Scatter Symbols the Gamble feature, the Round For free spin bonus and Freezing Wild Symbols.

As well as the 50x Cashback offer, the game also has freezing wilds, free games, and you’ll also get a chance to double any winnings by clicking the gamble button (choose red or black and a playing card is flipped over).


The Mr Cash Back Slot is something a bit out of the ordinary, and can be fun to play. OK, so we know why Playtech have designed the slot this way, so you will stick around longer during any quiet patches, but it can be quite fun all the same, and if you hit the 50x Cashback, you’ll be grinning from ear to ear.