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Space Invaders

Space Invaders

space invaders slotSo, if like me, you like your slot play with a nod to the old school like the Love Boat slot, you’re gonna love Playtech’s Space Invaders slot. The game is based on the original fruit machine arcade game of yesteryear but with all the bells and whistles that a modern developer can bring to the party.

You, the player, are planet Earth’s only hope of halting a marauding alien invasion! This is low tech sci-fi to the Rift Slot‘s High tech sci-fi!

From the get go this slot has fun written all over it. This game has a lot of history, I’m pretty sure many slot fans may had their first experience on a fruity with Space Invaders, so with all that expectation on it, can the game live up to the nostalgia?

First off the graphics are just great, they are wholly inspired by the fruity of old with the looming figure of the hairy invader front and centre before you’ve even spun a reel.

The reels are set in an arcade game machine frame, with the reels in the screen and the machine set in a dark background to set the spacey theme.
The soundtrack of play is authentic electrical bleeps and explosions which adds to that retro feel.

Game play

Space Invaders is a 5 reel, 3 row, 10 payline slot.

The high value icons are in the game’s extra-terrestrial theme with the massive purple alien from the original game, a green UFO space craft, and a futuristic blue Martian weapon. The lower value icons are replicas of those little green, blue and pink aliens of the arcade game, cleverly reproduced to look old fashioned and pixelated.
The Wild of Space Invaders is the world Wild, there isn’t a Scatter in this game or a Bonus symbol.

Not satisfied with the developers efforts to look the part there are two fun features to get your hands on too.

Invaders Turn Wild

One of the features which made my day, is that during spins there is a cannon which moves along the bottom of the reels during play. If this lands on reel 2 or 4 then it can fire its laser beam converting the lower value icons and those Martian critters into a Wild if a win looks like its on the reels! If you make a win in this mode then you’re awarded with a 2x multiplier!

The UFO Wild

If you think that’s fun wait for this…Not only is there the constant cannon movement below the reels but above them there’s action too in the form of a marauding Martian who pops up on the top of those 5 reels. When your canon and Martian coincide then you have the satisfaction of producing a laser beam that fires from the cannon, blowing up that unwanted UFO! When this explosion happens then you benefit from a free spin and extras Wilds, UFO Wilds, turning up on the reels! We haven’t had this much fun since the shoot ’em up bonus rounds on the Cowboys and Aliens slot which is also from Playtech.

If you like your play with a bit of extra adrenalin then there’s also a handy Turbo button so that you can switch up your mode to speedy spinning! There’s also an autoplay function for those of you who just love to watch those reel roll by.


I loved Space Invaders, not only did the nostalgia totally win me over but the UFO Wild was so ace that frankly I’ll be making a regular visit to this new but kinda old friend!